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Alternative Medicine for Occupational Asthma

Alternative Medicine for Occupational Asthma


Alternative Medicine for Occupational Asthma
Alternative Medicine for Occupational Asthma

There are many people who claim that alternative medicine treatments work well with occupational asthma and asthma in general, although there is not enough research on this. However, the treatment may be helpful in some cases of asthma, among these techniques:

  • Correct breathing techniques: including the proper yoga breathing exercises.
  • Acupuncture: Its roots are rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, where extremely fine needles are used on specific places on the body. Chinese needles are safe and painless in general.
  • Relaxation techniques: meditation, hypnosis, and muscle relaxant techniques which limit symptoms by trying to relieve tension and stress.
  • Herbal Remedies: Talk to your doctor before using any herbs to treat attack, to see if there is anything that goes against the asthma attack. Among these herbs are dried ivy leaves.
  • Foods: Foods that help relieving the attack (although there is no research that supports that):
  • Vitamin C such as in Oranges and Guava.
  • Selenium: it is metal found in brown rice, chocolate, nuts and dairy products.
  • Foods with High Antioxidants proportion: these are some high antioxidants foods such as berries, apples, artichokes and dark chocolate.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil and flaxseed). “Instead of taking vitamin and mineral supplements, it is better to eat them in their natural form of foods like in vegetables and fruits.
  • Homeopathy: This type of treatment aims to stimulate the body’s self-response to treat itself through the use of small doses of the pathogens. In the case of asthma attack, the treatment is one of the causes of the attack in general, like vaccines. But still there is no proof of success of this type of alternative medicine in treating occupational asthma or asthma in general.


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