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Common Signs and Symptoms of an allergic reaction


What is Allergy?

Allergy is a medical condition in which the immune system reacts in infected body against substance recognizing it as a source of danger or threat , and as react of the immune system it begins to produce antibodies leads to emergence of symptoms of allergies that sometimes up to hypersensitivity and causes death.


What happens to the body as a result of these influences?

It depends on the force of the influential in addition to the immunity and resistance that body make against the influential . In that condition the immune system in human body attacks represented in lymphoid cells       ( Lymphocyte ) and as much as the influential was strong as much as the lymphoid cells attack stronger , what makes the lymphoid cells gather out of the blood vessels to defend and resist . Cause of this conflict between lymphoid cells and the influence Changes occur that result in various allergic symptoms.


Causes of allergy.


What are the influences that cause allergy?

The influence might be external or internal that causes allergy , but sometimes the causes cannot be determined by both the doctor and the patient , despite of making many different lab tests and allergy tests . Encroachment can be said that everything under the sun , including the sun may causes allergic reaction.


Here now, I will clarify some types of influences that causes the allergic reaction.

Cannery food : either of the food it self or the substances used in canning process. Colourful food : industrial colouring of some food and drinks.

Some kinds of proteins like in fish, cheese, legumes, egg etc … Drinks like mango and strawberry juice in addition to Cola.

  • Clothes and furnishings.

Like wool, silk, nylon and feathers.

  • Medical drugs.

It’s a lot of and various , the topical once or that inter the body such as penicillin.

  • Perfumed and cosmetics.

Gold, Iron, Chrome and Copper.

  • Oil and its derivatives.

Bitumen, Benzene, and Diesel.

  • Antiseptic and cleaners.

Such as soap etc …

  • Grass, trees, and flowers.
  • Building materials.

Such as cement and paints.

In addition to some kinds of algas , funguses , moths that especially found at old houses and derelict places , every that effects on the respirator system which causes nasal allergy and shortness of breathing.


Symptoms and types of allergy.


Food allergy.

It’s to be sensitive for some specific kinds of food like peanut , nuts , wheat , egg , milk , soy , fish or oysters . Food allergy symptoms content tingling in the mouth , inflation or tumor of lips , tong and face , rash , in some cases anaphylaxis ( hypersensitivity ).



  Eczema appears as irritated red skin as a result of exposure to strange substance , opposite of the contact uritcaria that its symptoms appears after minutes and disappear after minutes or hours while Eczema needs days or weeks for disappearing of its symptoms , exposures to an influential or substance that causes inflammation for a long time makes it chronic inflammation.

The most vulnerable parts of human body to this type of allergy are auricle , back of neck , wrists and feet . Eczema symptoms appears as acute or sub acute inflammation in the place of contact with the influential ( substance ) and effects on other places on the body that did not contact with the influential.

The symptoms might appears after years of daily exposures to the influential without any symptoms appears before , in this situation it’s hard to convince the patient that this influential or substance is the problem ( what causes Eczema ) even after medical tests .

In the early stages the rash is inflamed and causes itching water vesicles and pustules , with constantly exposure to the influential the skin becomes dry and cracked with husks . severe symptoms might appears above the chronic symptoms , hands skin sensitivity common and chronic to the people that has allergic reaction.


Hay fever.

Hay fever consider to be allergy that infects nose , in other words it’s allergy infects the rhino sinusitis mucous membranes lining the nose with some kinds of inflammation , that afflict the allergic person at certain times of the year like pollen allergy ( to have allergic reaction to pollen of some plants ) for example allergy of olive trees pollen that transmitted through air inhalation , other reason to the inflammation which is to be allergic to dust and some kinds of fungus and insects , many others infected hay fever allergy cause of contact with bets like dogs and cats .

Nasal allergy or hay fever allergy consider as reaction of the immune system to unknown substances in infected body causes irritation and inflammation .


Hay fever symptoms.

When the infected person inhale this unknown substance to the immune system ( pollen or anything allergic to ) , The immune system attack with antibodies this substance as a bacteria what causes coughing and sneezing in addition to other symptoms appears on the infected person . However the symptoms and its severeness different from person to other .

It’s like when someone expose to a sting by bee or wasp etc… The symptoms include swelling the place of the sting , itching and rash occurs allover the body , in addition to cough , difficulty in breathing , feeling of tightness in the chest and and anaphylaxis .


Drugs allergy.

  Drugs allergy or drugs sensitivity occurs of eating specific drug like antibiotics , penicillin or a drug belongs to the same family or close to them on the chemical level. The symptoms of drugs allergy includes itching and rash allover the body , swelling of the face , whistles in the chest during respiration and anaphylaxis .


Anaphylaxis .

Anaphylaxis is allergic reaction as result of exposing to allergens in some way like Swallowing , contact with the skin , injects or inhalation sometimes and it might causes death .

Often this allergic reaction occurs within seconds or minutes of exposing to the substance ( influential) that human allergic to , like s sting of bees poison or eating some peanuts

In anaphylaxis , the immune system release large amount of chemicals like Histamine in the body and causes a shock that results in a sudden drop in blood pressure and narrowing of the air passages what hinder normal breathing .

One of six people around the world exposed to anaphylaxis , and %1 of the total inflected die of the complications of the disease.


 Anaphylaxis symptoms.

  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Discomfort feeling in the chest or dyspnea.
  • A chronic cough .
  • Diarrhea .
  • Dizziness or mild dizziness and fainting may sometimes happen.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • The increase in the heart rate.
  • Rash and severe itching.
  • Slurred speech and difficulty in speaking.
  • Swelling of the face, tongue, eyes, and parties.


Factors that raises the possibility of the disease.

  •  Children are the most vulnerable to allergy.
  • The family history of allergies.
  • The family history of asthma.
  • Medical history of allergies injury . If you was allergic to a substance before , this makes you more vulnerable to allergy of other substances.
  • Asthmatic .


Complications .

  •  Anaphylaxis may cause death.
  • Asthma causes of allergy.
  • Some kinds of allergies make you more vulnerable to sinusitis, ears, and lung.


Allergy medicine.

  Until now there is no medicine for allergy , the strategies to deal with allergy are to avoid allergens and taking medication helps relieve the symptoms , in addition to be always ready for emergencies . If you were vulnerable to anaphylaxis , the doctor gives you special syringe for anaphylaxis , when you had a fit of hypersensitivity , you inject your self with it to relieve symptoms until the emergency help arrives .

Take care of dietary supplements and herbs that marketed as treatment of allergy , unless there was a scientific experiments about , and it’s usually sold as dietary supplements not medicine or treatment , for that it’s not subject to the instruction accuracy of drug industries also not subject to tests and researches .

The dangerous of herbs or dietary supplements do not stop of not curing the disease but it might causes allergy or extreme the symptoms , because it can be contaminated with allergens like moulds , peanut and wheat , in some cases eating it results serious consequences .


How to deal with allergy.

  • See a doctor who specializes in diseases of the immune system and allergies.
  • Keep a diary with you and record ( allergens ) things or substances that you are allergic to , in addition to the allergic degree ( How much you are allergic to something ) .
  • Keep away from allergens.
  • If you were allergic to some kinds of food in general or peanut specially , take care that a lot of food may contains some of allergens or peanut , for example some food factories using production lines for more than one product . So product like chocolate bars may contains leftovers of the previous product that Contain peanut , thereby you became allergic .
  • Always be ready with anaphylaxis syringe if you were suffering from hypersensitivity. ( consult your doctor about that )
  • Wear bracelet shows that you allergic and from what exactly.
  • If your child was allergic to something, you should tell the school about that and make him or her wear bracelet shows that.
  • Never use any herbs, cures or food supplements without doctors consult.