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The Diagnosis, Treatment & Protection of Dairy Allergy

The Diagnosis, Treatment & Protection of Dairy Allergy



The Diagnosis, Treatment & Protection of Dairy Allergy
The Diagnosis, Treatment & Protection of Dairy Allergy

Tests & Diagnosis

 When the symptoms of dairy allergy or any allergy appear for some kind of food, it is difficult to know that type of the food substance that causes the sensitivity and the doctor can put the blame on it, so the doctor will do some things:

  • Asking about the symptoms.
  • Physical examination to see whether there are other health problems.
  • Asking for a detailed list of the food system and foods that the child eating it.
  • Asking for the deletion of dairy from the diet of a child list, then return it again to make sure it is the reason behind the occurrence of symptoms.

After that, the doctor will recommend doing one of these tests:


Skin test:

 In this test, the skin is a prick and exposing it to small amounts of milk proteins. If a person has an allergy to dairy it will develop to be a rash appears in the place of the skin test, but this test is not sufficient to ensure of the discovery if the person or the child are allergic to dairy.


Blood test:

 Blood test measures the immune system response to the proteins of milk, by measuring the amount of certain antibodies in the bloodstream, which is known as (IgE) where a blood sample is sent to a medical lab for testing for the presence of allergies or not .. This test is also not sufficient to determine the sensitivity of the dairy.


 The doctor may need to conduct more tests if there is a doubt of other disorder than the sensitivity of foods.


Treatments & Drugs.

 The only way to prevent milk allergy is to avoid milk and its products. But this is very difficult because the dairy enters as a component in many other foods.

 Despite the attempts being made by the parents to prevent the child from drinking milk, but he remains in constant contact with it without to know, and medications such as antihistamines may reduce the allergy symptoms and these drugs are taken after exposure to the dairies to control the symptoms and to alleviate of its severity.

 If the child was suffering from a serious and severe condition related to allergies “anaphylaxis,” you’ll need an emergency injection of epinephrine and get to the hospital.

 The child may also need to carry epinephrine with him all the time if he was of those who increases their risk of anaphylaxis.

 The preventive vaccinations (immunotherapy) for allergy did not prove its effectiveness in the treatment of food allergies or even prevention, and the researching is still ongoing.



 There is no sure way to avoid food allergy generally or milk allergy particularly. But it is possible to avoid the risk by avoiding the food that causes allergy, and if you have known that you or your child are suffering from allergy, the only safe way to avoid such allergies is to know everything he eats or drinks with a reading of the contents of each food.

 There are some researches concluded that if the child does breastfeeding from his mother’s breast in the first four months since his birthday – and stay away from cow’s milk – breastfeeding will protect him from a dairy allergy.

 If the milk is missing from the child’s diet, the doctor will put redemptive diet for him to provide him with nutrients that he miss in the milk.


  1. Actually, there IS a treatment for milk and other allergies; OIT, or oral immunotherapy, is being done by around 80 allergists in the U.S.; if you go weekly, it can take about 6 months to desensitize to a milk allergy and be able to free eat dairy/drink an 8 oz. glass of milk. For a list of board certified allergists doing OIT in the U.S.,

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your opinion. we know about the immunotherapy but it is not suitable for all kinds of people and it takes really long time maybe. However, we will refer to this subject in future essays.


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