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First Aid for Asthma

The first aids for asthma

First aid for asthma
First aid for asthma


Preliminary procedures for first aid for asthma attack:

  • Does the patient suffer from asthma attacks or a chronic obstruction of the respiratory system?
  • Does the patient was suffering from similar attacks before or complaining of heart diseases?
  • Are the previous attacks have the same symptoms?
  • Is there any pain in the chest?


Evaluation of an asthma attack:

  • Check the general condition of the patient.
  • Evaluating the vital signs (pulse – pressure – breathing – temperature).
  • Note whether there is wheezing when breathing – and tightness in the chest or difficulty in breathing.
  • Hearing the sound of the lung when breathing, if possible.



  • You must differentiate between the problems related to breathing and those related to the heart.
  • Shortness of breath symptoms includes stumbling in speech ( stammering ), sweating and not to sleep unless in sitting position.


The protocols of the first aid for Asthma attack.

  • Calming the patient.
  • Helping the patient with medication when he needs it.
  • Measuring the vital signs.
  • Giving him fluids.
  • Giving him oxygen.


Resorting to the doctor.

We are resorting to the doctor immediately when:

  • Severe asthma attack.
  • Happening of shortness of breath and wheezing in the chest with the patient who does not suffer from asthma.
  • Shortness of breath with pain in the chest.
  • Instability of the patient’s condition.
  • If the oxygen has been used.
  • Anyone who suffers from asthma and did not respond to the treatment.

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