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Milk and Fish: Myth and Truth

Milk and Fish: Myth and Truth


Most of the people know that eating fish with milk or dairy causes a deadly poisoning. And they avoid to mix them or eating them at the same time, even the phrase “fish and milk” similar to the meaning of “fire and water.” But from a medical point of view, there is no objection to eating fish with milk or dairy.

The main reason for this myth is that both of these substances (fish and milk) are an important cause of food poisoning. Both fish and milk are rapidly degraded and contaminated with bacteria and chemicals, so it is dangerous to take any of these substances from unreliable sources. But humans tend to tie things up in a way that may be just not right or logical.So they think that poisoning is caused by mixing fish and milk, instead of discovering that the reason is expiring of one of the substances may be.

This does not negate the possibility of human poisoning due to the consumption of fish and milk together, although each is sound separately. We can assume that there is an interaction between milk and milk, leading to the formation of new substances that may cause some people to feel uncomfortable. While the intake of these individual substances does not give any immune response from the body.

The body of some people may consider that this mixture is a serious threat to the integrity of the body and start defending vigorously that may lead to human death.Although this possibility is very rare, it may be the contributor to this myth. Although the ratio of the expected allergic reaction on this mixture does not exceed 1%, and the severeness of the allergic reaction (if any) depends on the amount of substances that being handled, so the “fools” can try that mixture for the first time in a small amount but should be provided an ambulance unit in the neighborhood. (In case your body liked to be rare).


The immune system reaction.

Leukocytes attack alien proteins, what triggering an immune response that involves the release of directed antibodies against the strange protein and then releasing large amounts of histamine. In this case, an allergy occurs.

Milk proteins may not cause sensitivity to some people, but these proteins are known for their effective binding to exotic substances (such as metal adsorption). Eating fish proteins may alter the spatial shape of proteins, making them strange and target to the attack of leukocytes what causing sensitivity to this mixture.

Finally, It is not generally recommended to try this mixture because it is not tasty …

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